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I’ve played the recorder and saxophone since my childhood and I’ve also sang. I started playing my instruments in Tampere Conservatoire and singing in the Tampere elementary school music classes choir, Tactus. In my teenage years the choir hobby changed to singing in a band, and I also got interested in different music styles and being a soloist. I went to Tampereen Yhteiskoulun lukio high school, which is oriented in the arts and expression. There I got the chance to do all sorts of music with all sorts of people and I learned that boundaries between musical genres don’t mean that much to me.

I started my professional music studies after high school and military service (compulsory for all males in Finland, I did mine in The Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces) in the Sibelius Academy in 2000. There I met many of my current colleagues, the people I play music with. In the Academy I studied recorder playing and I learned a lot about the so called Early music: the music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque. I great discovery for me was the contemporary music from the end of the 20th and the from beginning of the 21st century. I got really fascinated about this style of music and it has led me to premiere over twenty new works for recorder from Finnish composers. In the classical saxophone studies I became familiar with French impressionism, Romantic music from the 19th century and with my buddies from the music education department I did some band gigs in clubs, weddings and other private events.

I graduated as a Master of Music in 2010 after doing A exams (former diploma) in both of my instruments, the recorder and the saxophone. Besides the Sibelius Academy I also studied the recorder privately with the Swedish recorder professor Dan Laurin in Stockholm and both of my instruments in many master classes in Finland and abroad. I also have a cum laude degree in instrument teacher’s pedagogical studies from the University of Helsinki.

I’ve been working in The Guards Band since 2004. This symphonic wind orchestra plays many kinds of music: the repertoire consists of marches (of course), contemporary wind music, light music and jazz for example. I like my job very much, because there I can play many different kinds of music since my own musical background is diverse. I work as a special woodwind instrument player, which means I play the saxophones, recorder and do some singing also. The orchestra has 46 players and it also has many smaller ensembles. You can find out more of those from my Ensembles pages. Last year I went to a couple of auditions and in the end got listed to the musician roster of the international cirkus, Cirque du Soleil.

I have taught recorder and saxophone playing in different music schools for ten years since 1998 and since 2008 I’ve taught recorder playing and chamber music in the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. I’ve had many kinds of students: exhange students preparing themselves for the A exam, side instrument players who are just starting to play and specially talented persons from the Junior department. I find teaching very interesting and I like it very much. There is a lot going on in The University of Arts and following that kind of artistic academic world is also important.

Besides teaching and orchestra work I do all kinds of gigs in many different ensembles and bands and I also educate myself. I take singing lessons in Helsinki and lessons in free improvisation in Tallinn. I also visit various recorder events in Europe to keep up in the development of the business. I have high ambitions for artistic work, and I do high class concerts with my recorder playing wife Anna, with Päivi Vesalainen who plays the harpsichord and with saxophone quartet Aava. Besides these, I also do free impro gigs, cover band gigs with Femu Brass Band and Tusan Brass and some solo gigs and various performances with the Lifetime trio.


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